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Footpaths are for people and it is the adjacent residents responsibility to keep any trees, shrubs or plants on their boundary clear of the footpath so pedestrians can get past easily and safely. If any clearance work needs doing the contractor will drop a leaflet in the residents letter box requesting the clearance to be done. (As at March 2012 this had a success rate of about 85%.)

Council inspects all footpaths in the City annually to check for overgrowth. Street trees are trimmed as required and where leaving leaflets with residents is not appropriate the contractor will clear any vegetation back to the edge of the footpath and to a height of 2.4 m for overhanging vegetation such as trees. Where the limbs on the vegetation are thicker than 25 mm the concern will be referred to the City Arborist.

Tauranga City Council spends:

  • approximately $200,000 annually on repairs and maintenance of existing footpaths
  • approximately $250,000 on footpath cleaning, predominately in city centre and retail areas

Footpath repairs will be done either if there is a 25 mm lip (usually caused by tree roots), or there is a piece missing which could catch the heel of a ladies dress shoe. If the footpath is cracked or worn but it is safe it will not be repaired.

Repairs generally take about a fortnight to be done from the time that they are marked, but this can change depending on the amount of work that is programmed at the time, and if there are problems with the roots from an adjacent tree.

Last Reviewed: 06/03/2017