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Street Lights


The street light in my street is not going.  How do I get it fixed?

Call Council on 07 577 7000 and we will arrange for a contractor to repair it. Please give a good description of the location of the light, such as a street address, and a description of the problem because the contractor will repair it during the day when the lights are not going and will not be able to see what is wrong.

The lighting in our street is very dull.  How do we get it improved?

Council has a programme to upgrade street lighting in older parts of the city to the latest standards. To check which streets are scheduled for work contact us on 07 577 7000.

The street light outside my house shines into the bedroom at night. It is very annoying. Is there anything you can do to prevent this?

It may be possible to modify the light fitting to reduce the amount of light 'spill' onto private property. Please contact Council for assistance.

The street light down our right of way is not working. How do I get it fixed?

Lights in private lanes or right of ways are owned by the properties down the lane. Power and repair charges are the responsibility of the property owners. You will need to contact an electrical contractor for assistance.

Last Reviewed: 05/04/2017