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Sustainable Transport & Safety

Tauranga grown rapidly since the 1960’s. Heavy investment in the road network has assisted freight trips to Port of Tauranga but has also made private car travel efficient and attractive and there is a low uptake of walking, cycling and public transport for commuting compared to other urban centres. 

The Tauranga Transport Strategy identifies that future investment will be aimed at making the most of the existing network before investing in high cost infrastructure. This includes: 

  • Improving planning to reduce transport demand; 
  • Encouraging uptake of walking, cycling and public transport;
  • Encouraging alternatives to travel; and 
  • Better managing the use of the existing network. 

This optimisation of investment is key to moving towards a more sustainable transport system that benefits our communities.

Over the past 15 years, the number of fatal crashes on the local road network has progressively reduced, however momentum needs to be maintained to reduce the number of crashes on our network. Tauranga City Council takes a “safe system” approach to road safety and sits on the Joint Road Safety Committee which co-ordinates engineering (road improvements), education and enforcement initiatives across the sub-region.   

Cycling and Walkways


Road Safety and Travel Safe

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017