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Maps and Routes

Tauranga City Walkways

The Tauranga City Council Walkways booklet (2.29 MB pdf) is a small publication to help you find the 27kms of walkways in our district. Almost all of our walkways are cycle friendly. 

Tauranga City Walkways

Urban Cycle Routes

Tauranga City Cycle  Map (3.5mb pdf)

Together with investment from local councils and the National Land Transport Fund, the NZTA provide a total of $333 million to expand and improve New Zealand’s cycling network. The aim of the cycling programme is to provide a safer and more connected cycle network for the people of Tauranga leading to improved transport choices and an increase in the number of cycle trips, especially to school and to work.

The Tauranga urban cycle network comprises 10 commuter routes totalling 150km, and a wider network of recreational connections and routes. 

NZ Transport Agency - Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty Urban Cycleways Programme

To view and download local bike routes visit the 'Play in the Bay - Bike Month Rides

Urban Mountain Bike Routes

Urban Mountain Bike Route 1

Urban MTB Loop 1 (2.4mb pdf)

  • Starting at the Historic Village on 17th Avenue, follow the “boardwalk” pathway south until you get to Kopurererua Stream.
  • Follow the stream to the north (down stream) to cross under the three road bridges.
  • At the third bridge, cross over on the outside of the traffic lane. This will place you at the end of Birch Avenue where you can follow the pathway up to Cambridge Road via Coventry Street and Chester Street. 
  • Go down Waihi Road to Bethlehem Reserve where there are great signed pathways directing you to the “new” Cambridge Road Park (the new home of Tauranga’s international standard BMX track) via Orange Lane, St Andrews Drive and Wakefield Drive.
  • There are numerous walking & mountain bike tracks in this new park. Exit the park next to the Toll Road on the bottom left hand side to follow the formed pathway back to Birch Avenue and the Historic Village on 17th Avenue.


Urban Mountain Bike Route 2:

Urban MTB Loop 2 (2.4mb pdf)

  • Starting at the Historic Village on 17th Avenue, follow the “boardwalk” pathway south to the Kopurererua Stream. 
  • From the stream, follow the pathway south upstream to the end of the river pathway.  
  • Turn into Wylie Street and then Jones Street to the cul-de-sac head pathway up the steep track to Chadwick Road. Follow Chadwick Road down to Fraser Street, trun onto Fraser Street and follow it to Yatton Park, home of the City’s tallest trees.
  • At the back of the park there are paths down to the harbour pathway which will take you to Fraser Cove shopping centre. 
  • Head up 18th Ave and follow it east to Grace Road harbour side pathway. Follow the pathway to 16th Avenue to link back to Grace Road, Fraser Street and Cameron Road and back to the Historic Village on 17th Avenue.

Urban Bike Route 3:

Urban MTB Loop 3 (1.8mb pdf)

  • Start from The Strand in the City Centre, keep the coast to your ‘right’ and head down Dive Crescent. 
  • Follow Dive Crescent, Mirrielees Road, Cross Road, over the pedestrian bridge to Chapel Street, Maxwell’s Road, Harbour Drive, Kulim Park, and Beach Road to Fergusson Park. 
  • Then head along Tainui Street, Matua Road, Manuwai Street to the playground at Kings Avenue.  
  • Head along Levers Road, Sunny Bay Street and into the Matua Salt Marsh Reserve.    
  • This will link to the railway underpass to Ngatai Road. Turn right into Margaret Road then Princess Road, Westward Street and into Carmichael Reserve.    
  • At the top of the reserve you will find Waihi Road again. Follow it up to, get up to Cambridge Road and down Chester Street, Coventry Street, down the pathway to Birch Avenue and then cross the stream at the bridge to the Cameron Road side. 
  • Follow the pathway to your left and exit out into Koromiko Street.   
  • Cross over Waihi Road and into Graham Park and then back to the City centre.

Last Reviewed: 07/11/2016