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Road Safety & Travel Safe

Tauranga City Council is a member of the Tauranga and Western Bay Joint Road Safety Committee along with Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Environment Bay of Plenty and the NZ Police. This group promotes road safety initiatives across both Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty Council.

The two Councils share road safety co-ordinators who are responsible for implementing and managing core road safety campaigns in the sub-region.

Funding for the various road safety campaigns and for the Travel Safe programmes comes from the NZ Transport Agency with contributions from Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council and other partners.

Tauranga City Council Road Safety Policy (11kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017

Road Safety

New Zealand’s “Safer Journeys” is a strategy designed to guide New Zealand's efforts to improve road safety. Its vision is for “A safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury”

To achieve this it takes a Safe System approach, looking across the entire road system to improve safety by creating safer roads and roadsides, safer speeds, safer vehicles and safer road use.

Road Safety efforts for Tauranga City and the Western Bay of Plenty is focused on priority areas where there is the most potential to reduce death and serious injury.

The identified areas of risk include:

  • alcohol/drug impaired driving 
  • safer speeds
  • young drivers 
  • high risk intersections
  • safer cycling and  
  • motorcycling. 

To view ‘Safer Journeys’ and associated action plans visit the Safer Journeys website.

This is the overall road safety strategy for all Councils to work towards.

To contact the Tauranga City Council Travel Safe/Road safety team call 07 577 7000.

Last Reviewed: 27/02/2017