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Fraser Street Cycleway

As part of its Urban Cycleways programme, Tauranga City Council is proposing to extend the cycleway along Fraser Street, between 18th Avenue and 11th Avenue. The aim of the Urban Cycleways programme is to provide a safer and more connected cycle network for the people of Tauranga leading to improved transport choices and an increase in the number of cycle trips, especially to school and to work. You can learn more about this Programme at

This extension of the cycleway will require the installation of designated cycle lanes on both sides of Fraser Street between 18th Avenue and 11th Avenue, creation of a new flush median in the middle of the road and removal of all of the on-street parking areas to improve safety for turning traffic and cyclists along this area of Fraser Street. There are no changes proposed to any of the parking provided on the side roads.

Maps of Planned Changes

11th Avenue to 15th Avenue

18th Avenue to 15th Avenue

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to us during the engagement with the community in July and August. We would like to update you on progress. The following are the key changes to the plans that will be made as a result of the feedback:

  • Include some parking areas where practical
  • Review the locations of the bus stops between 17th Avenue and 18th Avenue
  • Monitoring the traffic flows on 17th Avenue and Grace Road before and after the improvements

We are currently undertaking safety reviews of the proposal. If you have any questions or require more information please call Council on 07 577 7000 or email us at


Last Reviewed: 16/03/2017