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Fraser Street/18th Avenue

Construction of this project is now completed.

As part of its road safety programme, Tauranga City Council is proposing to make some changes to the intersection of Fraser Street and 18th Avenue. The safety of turning vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in this area has been a concern for some time and the proposed changes are designed to improve the safety of this intersection.

The proposed changes include restricting some traffic movements in order to reduce potential conflicts at the intersection, as well as providing safer crossing points for pedestrians, improved cycle lanes and inset bus stop facilities. A new median island will be constructed to limit certain turning movements from 18th Avenue onto Fraser Street and from Fraser Street onto 18th Avenue. This means that all right movements for vehicles at this intersection will no longer be possible, with the exception from 18th Avenue from the Tauranga Intermediate School turning right onto Fraser Street. Construction of these intersection safety improvements is planned for early 2017.

Maps of the planned changes

Fraser Street and 18th Ave Intersection Improvements

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to us during the engagement with the community in July and August. We would like to update you on progress. The following are the key changes to the plans that will be made as a result of the feedback:

  • Include some parking areas where practical
  • Review the locations of the bus stops between 17th Avenue and 18th Avenue
  • Monitoring the traffic flows on 17th Avenue and Grace Road before and after the improvements

If you have any questions or require more information please call Council on 07 577 7000 or email us at




Last Reviewed: 16/03/2017