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Greerton Village Safety Improvements

Council plans to replace the roundabout at the Cameron Road / Chadwick Road intersection to improve the safety of this intersection.

Why traffic lights?

  • The roundabout has worked well for many years but traffic conditions in that area are changing.
  • Every intersection has different requirements for traffic and for the types of people who use it. Traffic lights are the best option for this intersection. Traffic will flow more smoothly through and around this area. 
  • It will be safer and easier for pedestrians to cross the intersection.
  • New cycle lanes will be added to the approaching streets as part of the safety improvements, so Greerton will be a lot safer for cyclists.

Other work as part of the general improvements will include replacing some of the trees that are lifting up the road surface and realigning some of the parking areas.

Greerton traffic safety improvements – update

In 2015 the council proposed to replace the Cameron Road/Chadwick Road roundabout with traffic lights. The primary reason was to provide safer conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. Council received a lot of feedback from people on both sides of the discussion. A decision has been made that a signalised intersection with new cycle lanes is the only long term solution that will address the safety of all users at this intersection.

The design is currently being reviewed to take the feedback into account, including a number of concerns about additional traffic delays. Council staff will continue to engage with Greerton Village Mainstreet Association through the design and construction process. A new design is expected to be available to discuss with the community mid-2017.

Cameron Road - Before and After

Greerton Road - Before and AfterCameron Road


Last Reviewed: 16/03/2017