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Service Connections

A service Connection Application (SCA) must be completed and an approval issued for connections to Council owned infrastructure i.e. water/sewer/stormwater/roading.

All connections to Council infrastructure (with the exception of a vehicle crossing) must be carried out by a Council Licensed Contractor.  

Service Connection Application Form

Asset Protection Bond Information

Asset Protection Bond Information Sheet (4mb pdf)


Service Connection Application Fee:  $87.00

Water Connection Inspection Fee:   $133.00

Wastewater Connection Inspection Fee:   $133.00

Stormwater Connection Inspection Fee:   $133.00

Refundable Asset Protection Bond:   $770.00 (Residential)   or $1550.00 (Commercial)

Bond Processing and Inspection Fee:  $220.00 or ($317.00 with a vehicle crossing)

There is a maximum charge of $260.00 to cover all water/drainage inspection fees.


For further information or to discuss matters relating to a Service Connection Application please contact the Service Connection Coordinators: or phone:  (07) 5777000.

Karen Novak Julie Frewin
Karen Novak Julie Frewin


Last Reviewed: 18/04/2017