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Stormwater is rain.  The purpose of the stormwater system is to give rain water a safe exit to prevent flooding.  Water that runs off your property and from roads and footpaths goes into the stormwater system and ends up, untreated, in the Tauranga harbour.  It’s therefore important that stormwater is as clean as possible.  No paint, soap suds or chemicals please - the stormwater drain is just for rain!

Tauranga’s stormwater network includes over 460 km of stormwater pipes, 9800 manholes, 75 km of open drains and more than 800 outlets into the harbour, rivers and ocean.

Stormwater must also stay out of the wastewater system.  When stormwater gets into the wastewater system, the wastewater pipes can’t cope with the extra load of water.  This causes sewage spills from the wastewater system into streams or the harbour, and can cause serious health and environmental problems.

If you see pollution phone Council on 07 577 7000 or the Bay of Plenty Regional Council Pollution Hotline on 0800 884 883.  This is a 24 hour line for reporting pollution.

Last Reviewed: 06/03/2017