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Flood Hazard Mapping

The more accurate our information is, the better Council is able to plan for stormwater management in the most efficient and cost effective way. 

A project is ongoing to run accurate flood hazard models so that we can better understand how flooding from extreme rainfall affects each part of the city. We do this catchment by catchment. The new flood hazard maps created from this modelling process updates existing flood hazard information that Council already holds about each area.

As soon as flood hazard information is updated, we notify affected property owners in those catchments with a letter to explain exactly how the updated information relates to their property.

There will be times when someone buys a property, only to discover weeks or months later that the flood hazard information has just been updated. Unfortunately there is no way around this. We issue the new information as soon as we can after it has been verified.

Questions and answers about Flood Hazard Mapping

Overland flow paths

View the flood hazard layer on our online mapping system

Status of flood hazard map updates by area

  • Greerton - Completed
  • Mount Industrial - Completed
  • Avenues - Completed
  • Bethlehem - Programmed for 2016/2017
  • Brookfield - Completed
  • Bureta Central - Programmed for 2017    
  • Central Business District - Completed
  • Gate Pa - Completed
  • Kopurererua - Completed
  • Matua - Completed
  • Maungatapu/Welcome Bay - Programmed for 2016/2017
  • Mount Maunganui - Completed
  • Papamoa East - Completed
  • Papamoa West - Programmed for 2017
  • Pillans/Bureta - Completed
  • Sherwood - Completed
  • Wairoa - Programmed for 2017

Please note that modelling timeframes and therefore the release of mapping information is subject to change. Please contact Council for more up-to-date timeframes.

Last Reviewed: 30/11/2016