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Flooding and Rain Warnings

Tauranga City Council has a standard storm response protocol which kicks into action whenever we get a heavy rain warning. Here's what we do...

Before the rain arrives

The Council’s stormwater and roading contractors check and clear debris from over 100 stormwater grates at 60 specified locations around the city. There are also 36 beach and dune stormwater outlets that will get checked as part of this process.

These checks are repeated after the rain event to unblock any debris that has washed in from the storm.

During the storm

Contractors and council staff are out in the field and will keep a close watch on conditions during every heavy weather event. Every call from the public is logged and requests are sent to contractors so they can respond where they are needed.

A team of council staff are always on standby, ready to be mobilised to help coordinate the response if the situation escalates.

If you have concerns about potential flooding in your street phone the Council on 577 7000. This number works day or night.

If it is an emergency you should always phone 111.

How you can help

Keep an eye on the road gutters in your own area. Clearing the gutter of leaves and debris before and after each heavy rain event can make all the difference for you and your neighbours. 
If you do sweep up leaves and debris, please make sure they won’t just wash back into the drains. That just creates a blockage and potential flooding issue for someone else.

Planning for floods

Last Reviewed: 03/03/2017