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It all has to go somewhere. Everything that gets flushed or washed down your kitchen sink, laundry, and toilet goes into the city's wastewater system. (Wastewater is another term for sewage; the wastewater system is the sewerage system.) 

Tauranga City Council is responsible for maintaining and improving the wastewater system to safeguard both the environment and public health.  The Southern Pipeline is a major wastewater project that is needed to support our wastewater network safely into the future.

There are two wastewater treatment plants for Tauranga which produce a very high standard of treated wastewater. This treated water gets discharged into the ocean through an outfall pipe about a kilometre off shore.

Did you know? You would have to flush your toilet around six million times to generate the same volume of water that the city's treatment plants receive every day.

Last Reviewed: 28/09/2016