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Environmental Policy

Tauranga City Council's wastewater treatment plants and laboratory have an environmental policy.

Through the support and commitment of top management, the Wastewater Treatment Plants and Laboratory are committed to:

  • Ensuring all treated wastewater discharged into the ocean, and/or supplied for irrigation purposes, meets on-going resource consent conditions
  • Understanding and measuring the impact we have on the environment
  • Identifying and addressing our environmental impacts
  • Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its suppliers and on-site maintenance contractors
  • Continual improvement in environmental management
  • Comply with relevant legislation, consents and regulations
  • Use resources efficiently, avoiding non-sustainable practices
  • Use best practical techniques to prevent pollution.

We shall provide a framework that:

  • Enables staff to take ownership as individuals and teams for proper environmental practices at work.
  • Seeks to avoid environmental incidents, but is well prepared to manage them if needed.
  • Educates and informs staff and interested parties of environmental issues, and enlists their support in improving performance.
  • Sets and reviews environmental objectives and targets to measure and monitor progress.
  • Considers the environmental impact and sustainability of our work alongside the operational, financial and social aspects.


Last Reviewed: 07/11/2016