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Ocean Outfall

The Ocean Outfall: This 950m long outfall that discharges the high quality treated wastewater is located off the Papamoa beach area. The treated wastewater is discharged through a number of ports in the final offshore length, which is called the diffuser. The outfall pipe is buried below the seabed floor. The pipe is 600mm internal diameter. As part of investigations for a resource consent project the condition and hydraulic capacity of the pipeline are being reviewed.

Click on any of  the images below for a larger version.

Te Muanga Outfall

  Ocean Outfall Aerial View looking up coast


 Te Maunga Outfall

 Ocean Outfall Aerial View looking towards the shore. The slight discolouration shown is caused by the green algae (naturally) produced in the Te Maunga Oxidation Pond and wetlands


 Te Maunga Outfall Diffuser

Sea Surface above Ocean Outfall Diffuser Taken 17 June 2004 during PSG & PMG inspection


Te Maunga Outfall Underwater DIffuser Section

(Underwater) Diffuser Section of Outfall on Sea Floor - Photograph shows the discharge of the treated wastewater of the diffuser.


Last Reviewed: 11/04/2017