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Tauranga’s water supply is currently not fluoridated.

Tauranga's water supply stopped being fluoridated after a referendum in 1992 with just over half of residents wanting fluoridation to stop.

The history of fluoridation in the City is as follows:

  • In the old Tauranga District fluoride was first added to water in 1963 then switched off following a referendum in 1986 and reintroduced in 1990.
  • At the time of local body amalgamation in 1989, Mount Maunganui supply was fluoridated but Tauranga supply was not.
  • In September 1990 following a referendum on the question of fluoridation of the water supply, the Tauranga District Council resolved to fluoridate all water.
  • 11 September 1990- fluoride added to the water.
  • October 1992 there was a referendum on whether Tauranga District Council continues to add fluoride to its water supply with the following results.
  • 13,456 voted for (48.12%)
  • 14,510 voted against (51.88%)
  •  A special council meeting was held on 19th November 1992 where it was resolved to cease fluoridation and this was implemented in December 1992.
  • The issue of fluoridation was reviewed as part of the 1995 Ten Year Plan process and again as part of the 2004 Ten Year Plan process. The status quo not to dose fluoride has been maintained

Fluoride Policy (7kb pdf)


Last Reviewed: 08/02/2017