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Oropi Road

Tauranga has two water treatment plants, one at Joyce Road and the other at Oropi.  Both treatment plants have obtained an Aa grade from the Ministry of Health.

Oropi Water Treatment Plant

Oropi Treatment Plant

The Oropi Treatment Plant has now been upgraded using the same microfiltration technology as the Joyce Road Plant.  This provides an even greater increase in treatment standards than happened when the original plant was opened in 1957.  For the 47 years before 1957 water had be taken from a weir on the Waiorohi Stream, chlorinated, and then gravity-fed down to the town.

Rebuilding the treatment plant at the same site enabled the intake and other structures to be retained.

The Oropi Plant can produce up to 33,000 cubic metres a day.  Daily production varies with demand and the balance of output between the Oropi and Joyce Road treatment plants.

Oropi Plant View from above

Oropi Plant from above 

Joyce Road Plant


Last Reviewed: 11/04/2017