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Q: Where is my meter?

A:  The meter is generally found in the road reserve near the boundary of the property nearest the road. It should be approx. 0.3m (1 foot) outside the boundary and near one of the side boundaries with your neighbours. If it isn't obvious use a spade or screwdriver to feel the ground for the lid of the meter box. If you are still unable to find it you can call or email us to check the location.

Q: Why is my tap water all white and cloudy?

A:  This is caused by very fine air bubbles in the water. It is unusual but air can get trapped in the pipes when work is being done on the system, from pumps or entrainment through air valves.

If you fill a clean glass with water and leave it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes the bubbles will clear. The water is perfectly safe to drink.

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Q: Why does my drinking water taste or smell funny?  Will this make me sick?

A: The most common reason for water taste or odour inquires in Tauranga is from the chlorine that is added to the water to kill germs. Chlorine is required to be added to make the water safe. The levels of chlorine in the system are continually measured to ensure that it remains within the Ministry of Health Guidelines for Drinking Water.

The other common complaint is due to water from dishwashers having non potable hoses connecting them to the supply. Water from the pipe permeates up into the hose going to the kitchen tap, making it taste bad. This can be fixed by replacing the hose.

Please ring Council or email us if you notice any sudden change in taste or odour in your drinking water and we will investigate the cause.

More information on common water issues

Q: What should I do when I have no water?

A:  The first thing to do is to check if it is just the hot or cold water that has stopped. If the hot has stopped it is likely to be a blockage with the hot water cylinder, you may need a plumber to fix the problem. If the cold has stopped in all the taps you need to first check the child meter (for a cross lease section) and then the parent meter If these are both on then check with the neighbours. If they don't have any water either please let the Council know so they can fix the problem. 

Q: Where does my water come from?

A:  There are two sources of water that supply the Tauranga City. If you live in the Mount, Papamoa, Welcome Bay or the higher areas of Pyes Pa then your water will generally come from the Tautau stream and then treated at the Joyce Water Treatment Plant. If you live in Tauranga Central - the Peninsula/ Gate Pa/ Greerton, or Tauranga West - Otumoetai/ Bethlehem/ Matua then your water will generally come from the Waiohori Stream and is treated at the Oropi Water Treatment Plant. Both treatment plants have an Aa grading from the Ministry of Health.

These two systems were developed separately by the Mount Maunganui Borough and Tauranga City Councils. They have now been linked together to make supplies more reliable. If there is a problem in one supply system then water can be switched to the other. This happened when there were slips in the Waiorohi catchment which meant no water could be taken from the Waiorohi Stream. The whole city was supplied from the Joyce Water Treatment Plant for several days. This can only happen for short periods of time without water restrictions being placed on users. 

Q: Do we have Fluoridation?

A: No. Tauranga's water supply stopped being fluoridated after a referendum in 1992 with just over half of residents wanting fluoridation to stop. Western Bay water supplies have never been fluoridated.

Q: Who is responsible for water supply pipes?

A: Council’s responsibility is to what is known as the “point of supply”. The “point of supply” is to the meter box near your boundary, adjacent to the road.

In situations of multiple units or cross leased properties there may be a parent / child meter situation.
The meter that is located adjacent to the road boundary is known as the “parent meter”, and the other meter that is located closer to your dwelling is known as the “child meter”. It is the “child” meter which measures your consumption and is used for billing purposes.

Council maintains the pipe work up to “the point of supply”, plus we also own and maintain the water meters. The water supply pipes on your property are your responsibility.

There are situations where the pipe work after the “point of supply” is shared by more than one house. Where this happens, the responsibility for maintaining the pipe work beyond the parent meter (the point of supply) rests with the owners of the properties served by that parent meter. 

Q: What do I do if I have a water leak at the meter box?

A: Call the council and we will send someone to check it out. If the leak is coming from the actual meter the Council will undertake the repairs. If the leak is coming from the pipe on your property side of the meter, it is your responsibility to get it repaired. 

Water leaks

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2017