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Pay Infringements Online

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Follow the instructions to pay your infringement online, have your credit card ready to pay the fee, and hit submit. Please note: this payment goes through the merchant banks and not your bank so a debit card will be treated the same as a credit card.

A credit card surcharge of 1.3% is payable on this transaction. The surcharge is a charge made by Tauranga City Council to recover the amount it is charged by the credit card companies to process your payment. Please check with your card issuer about any other fees and charges that may be applied to your credit card transaction, under your agreement with your card issuer.

You can choose to have your receipt emailed to you at the end of this process.

You can still pay your infringement by ringing the call centre or visiting our service centre, or by arranging a regular direct debit.

For more information please contact us on 07 577 7000.

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