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Transportation fees


  1. The following permit fees are deposits only.
  2. Where Council incurs additional cost in managing the permit then additional fees will be charged. Examples of incurring additional cost includes additional processing and/or inspections due to the activity taking longer than anticipated, unfinished or unsatisfactory works, acting on complaints and any other costs incurred by Council related to the activity.
  3. The additional fees will be charged on a time and cost basis with a minimum fee period of 1hr plus disbursement.
  4. Where an activity is deemed by the Corridor Manager to be significant enough to change the permit type under which the activity is applied for, the corridor manager may change the permit type at their discretion and will notify the applicant. Examples for changing permit type include higher risk to Road Zone users/property and/or longer duration of the activity than in the table below.
Permit type Permit definition Charges
Non-utility operator works
In general these works create very
low risk to Road Zone users and
- Minor scaffolding works associated with small scale renovation or building maintenance
- Shop front fit outs / repairs / replacements
- Crane operations up to 4hr duration to lift materials etc. into or onto buildings and / or sites.
- Building cleaning operations up to 4hrs.
Minor works
In general these works create
low risk to Road Zone users
and infrastructure
- Up to 2 calendar days duration
- Simple service connections
- Up to 20m affected length
- Minor work associated with Utilities
- Overhead veranda works
- Berm work only
- Larger scale scaffolding projects occupying the Road Zone
- Excludes road crossing
Note: Multiple sites for minor works may be considered under a single application at the
discretion of the Corridor Manager
Standard works

In general these works create
moderate risk to other
Road Zone users and

- More than 2 and up to 30 calendar days duration
- More than 20m and up to 250m affected length
- Any road crossing or intrusion whether open trenched or trenchless
- Moderate inspection requirement
Comprehensive works
In general these works create high
risk to other Road Zone
users and infrastructure
- More than 30 calendar days duration
- More than 250m affected length
- High inspection requirement
- Major work on Level 2 Roads
- Restricted property access
- Annual generic traffic management plan
Maintenance works
In general terms these are works
agreedto by the corridor
manager as likely to be
completed under a
maintenance contract.
- Repair to an existing service or surface
- Excludes new works within the Road Zone
No charge
Emergency works
An unexpected repair of a
service to reduce the risk
of significant or imminent
threat of physical damage or
destructionto Road Zone
users, infrastructure and
- Duration no longer than 24 hours
- Rectification of a dangerous situation including support requested by an emergency service
No charge
  - Public activity or gathering
- Sporting event, show or parade
- Undertaken by any Party for any period of time within the Road Zone for any length of time
No charge


Last Reviewed: 24/07/2017
Temporary leasing of road space Charges
The basis for charges associated with temporary leasing of road space include:
  • Apply to property developers only.
  • Apply to the occupation of carriageway only.
  • Apply to occupations of greater than one month only, pro-rated on a daily basis.
  • Apply to all roads equally.
  • Apply to a per metre square rate of occupation.
  • A commercial rate of return is applied to the land value of the area occupied (valued at $2,500/m2).
5.75% pa
excl GST
Processing fee - per application $243.00


Last Reviewed: 29/03/2017

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